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Acylic Rotating Countertop Display with Plug

Product Name:
Acylic Rotating Countertop Display with Plug

Commodity Name Acylic Rotating Countertop Display with Light
Model  Y-114
Material  Acylic with light ,rotatble
Capacity 52pairs (totally 4 rows ,each row could hold on 13pairs)
Dimension 90*42*42cm(35.43"* 16.53"*16.53")
Weight  10kgs
Color White
Packaging 87*28*8cm /42*42*13cm
MOQ  50pcs
NOTE The display does not include the mirror and light tube,the other accessoires are all ready ,as the light tube is fragile ,not good for transportation ,you could purchase from local market if the displays are shipped by container,that would be OK

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