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4-Tiered Wire Magazine Rack For Wall Mount -Yellow

Product Name:
4-Tiered Wire Magazine Rack For Wall Mount -Yellow

Flyer Rack With Four Pockets With Header

This flyer rack is ideal for use in practically any point-of-sale environment. An affordable price, durable construction and space efficient design makes this magazine holder a great value. This flyer rack, also known as a magazine holder, is constructed from steel wire with  any other powder-coating finish. There are many advantages to purchasing a wire literature display over a plastic or wood unit. The metal wire flyer rack is much more durable than items made from other materials. It will not shatter if dropped, or splinter from years of use. Although this display is both durable and stylish, it is very affordable. The flyer rack that sells at economical prices costs much less than many so called "economy" style units.

Customers will be able to view literature stored in each pocket, as the wire construction provide an almost completely unobstructed view of each stack of literature. Each slot can store a thick stack of magazines as a result.The vertically stacked arrangement of the slots ensures customers have easy access to any of the literature stored within this display. Users find mounting these magazine racks to the wall easy due to the light weight construction. 
Dimension : 165*80*1020mm 
The upper top could stick your own artwork 
Powder-coating finish ,any color is avaialble ,firmly welded 

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